Fluck Contest

verb? noun? Nothing in the OED. The definition is unknown… let’s make one up!

Not a sound to break the silence save the plunge of a porpoise or the fluck of the fishes in quest of their evening meal.
A naturalist’s wanderings in the Eastern Archipelago, Heny Ogg Forbes (1885)

It’s time for you to help noncilexicographers everywhere with a definition for this word! I could come up with something — I have my ideas — but I want to hear from you. What the fluck does fluck mean?

It’s a contest to come up with the best definition you can. I’m looking for definitions that fit the quotation above. Loosely, at least. Serious or humorous, it has to make some sense. If you want to send me definitions that don’t make sense with the above, that’s okay too. I’ll feature some of these in a separate list.

What do you win? The chance to imagine that you actually won something. Who cares? You get to make up a word’s definition.

It’s just for fun and I want some interaction with the two of you who actually read this blog. So tell your friends to come play too. That way we’ll have four submissions.

Click here to send me your definitions, or send me a message via Twitter. Entries are due by July 17th, 11:59pm Pacific Standard Time… just because it sounds official.

Start your engines. Ready, set, define!