Did ya miss me?

You may have noticed that I haven’t updated all summer long. Well, I’m back. I felt guilty after having neglected updating in so long. I’m sure by now I have something to write about.

Let me fill you in briefly on what I’ve been up to since I posted. I simultaneously dialect coached productions of Anna in the Tropics and Hay Fever; then appeared as Bernardo/Player/Gravedigger/Osric in a production of Hamlet; subsequently performed in a summer-long run of Love’s Labour’s Lost and As You Like It produced in repertory, playing Costard and Touchstone, respectively. Somewhere in the midst of that I had a day job elsewhere, coached acting Shakespeare for a day at a conservatory, and started a new website. And now I’m beginning work on a production of Richard III.

I’m impressed with myself now that I write it all down. It feels good to have been performing lately… especially when it’s Shakespeare. But you already know how I feel about Shakespeare.

I’ll be posting bits and pieces about my experiences in the shows I performed in and have seen this summer. I also have a truck-load of books that need reviewing. As I finish them I’ll do my best to post a review here. My apologies to my publisher friends.

And, as always, if there’s anything you’d like me to blog about don’t hesitate to contact me and leave a suggestion. I’d like to start some more discussions here like the other thought-provoking ones we’ve had in the past. Till next time…

May the Bard be with you!