adj. Flowery and long-winded.

Much circumfloribus stuff was talked of on the Court side.
Autobiography, Mary Granville (1739)

The OED lists this word in particular as a “humorous nonce-word.” The others I’ve written about aren’t? A search reveals that according to the editors there are 55 humorous nonce words listed. The rest were decidedly unfunny. I happen to disagree with these editors, as many of the previous words I’ve listed are quite silly… but they make the big bucks working on the OED and I have this blog.

Perhaps I’m being a little long winded on this subject. Am Iย circumfloribus? No. I need to be flowery too.

A dozen roses! There.

I can think of a few fustian circumlocutary windbags whose conversation I might describe as circumfloribus. The majority of the thought-ofย circumfloribusters are in the world of politics. Coincidence? You decide.