Change, Something You Can Depend On

Change for the better. It's better if I have more change.
It hasn’t even been an entire year since I blogged about my last website redesign. In it, I say

Websites just seem to get old pretty quickly for me.

No kidding. I then go on to mention my redesign of the Coeurage Theatre Company website which I completed (but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been constantly tweaking) about a year ago.

But I might not feel so good about it at the end of this year.

I know myself so well. That website is, indeed, starting to look old to me. But I’m gonna hold out on that one for another year. The company has patrons and company members that depend on it for info. And they are probably just now getting used to it.

My site, on the other hand is all about me. So I can change it if I want to. So I did. And now I’d like to bring up some of the questions I asked in that post…

Do you feel the same way about your website? Or more generally, do you feel that way about any of the things you create?