Change is Good

By why do I need it so often?

I just reworked my entire website. For the 4th major overhaul in recent memory.

The WordPress framework is the same, the layout similar, but the colors and formatting are now different, the content and organization of the pages is now completely different. Hopefully better. Let me know!

Websites just seem to get old pretty quickly for me. Is anyone else in the same boat? Sites you visit? Facebook seems to have a facelift once a year or more. I’ve been doing the same for this site, I suppose. Even the Coeurage website I made was boring me 6 months after I made it, so that’s why it looks as good as it does now. But I might not feel so good about it at the end of this year.

Maybe I just don’t want to leave something I create unfinished, want to continually see it improve. Does anyone else feel this way about their website? Or theatre, art, other creations?