Apparently I’m a Stud

I didn’t suddenly get more good looking, I’m a theatre stud.

I go online this afternoon and see the following tweet:

LABitterLemons Guberek, Gedaly Guberek. Theatre Stud. #LAThtr

Colin Mitchell wrote a fun and funny post about how many shows I’ve seen this year, which I must admit, is “considerably above the proper average that statistics have laid down for our guidance.” (Name that show!)

Truly astonishing. And therefore our boy Gedaly earns Los Angeles Theatre Stud of the Year Honors hands down, unopposed.

Thanks, Colin! And thanks to anyone else who commented on the page, facebook, or twitter. I’m just doing what I love. I laugh, I cry, I kiss good money goodbye. Anyone is welcome to see shows with me; I’ll do my best to keep my social media feeds updated with what I plan on seeing.

Read it here, if you’re interested.

Clearly it was a slow day for news. ;)