Calling all actors who need websites

This week I launched a new service for actors in LA.

I’d grown tired of seeing friends with an embarrassingly amateur looking online presence… Either from paid services that just aren’t up to snuff, or lack of funds to get those services.

There are an infinite number of ways for actors to write a check, and websites are no exception.

But when online business is the norm (and acting IS a business), these artists should be able to present themselves online in a professional manner.

And not be at the mercy of the myriad out-dated products and services that exist in this industry.

I want to empower others to take control of their own acting businesses by teaching them the skills necessary to create and maintain their own website.

Will I squeeze every last cent out of my clients with this service? No. Will I provide great value? Yes.

Many of the actor-specific services I see out there I feel are unfairly priced once someone has spend a small amount of time researching. A lot of businesses make plenty of money making actors dependent on them. I don’t like it.

Honestly, I’d rather spend a day with someone (and support afterwards) giving them all the tools they need and building it with them, instead of crafting something on my own over the period of a few weeks and charging a lot more. I also think this creates more value. And gives an actor a type of service that nearly no one else is doing.

So take a look, tell your friends. Check out

Any questions? Suggestions? Leave a comment!