A Sort of Homecoming

How quickly time passes when there’s lots to do. How quickly I lost track of how long it had been since last updating here. Well dear readers, I’m still alive.

Yesterday Duane the Shakespeare Geek sent me a message about a post JM wrote about my extended absence from blogging. Thanks JM for the kind words and Duane for letting me know about it! It was very heartwarming to know the Shakesblogosphere missed me.

I suppose I should some sort explanation of my whereabouts. In short, I moved a couple times, I did several different jobs, I’ve been acting and directing alot, but mostly producing! I started a theatre company with some colleagues about a year ago and have been managing it ever since. Click on the logo here to find out more, if you’re interested.

I’m pleased to say that the Shakespeariences haven’t stopped. I had a very Bardful year in 2010 that I’ll probably blog about soon, so no use in giving away any spoilers just yet. Yes, I may as well start updating regularly again. There’s no time like the present.

You may have also noticed that the site looks just a little different. I came back to this old thing and decided to spruce it up a bit. Change the top banner, clean up some things here and there. I may continue to change things here and there, who knows. Just trying to feel at home again.

So what have I missed?