A Mid-Autumn Night’s Dream

Now for a little more about what I’m doing. The next project I’m embarking on will be directing A Midsummer Night’s Dream. It’s just such a fun show, I couldn’t resist.

This past week was audition time and I’m pretty pleased with the talent that I saw. Definitely a good way to start off the project. Unlike the common school-play way of doing it with everyone having a part and a billion fairies I’m keeping it to a medium sized cast of 13 or 14 actors. I want to keep things simple, and doubling up parts will be helpful in organizing the actors. There are also interesting parallels to be drawn between characters when the same actor plays both, even if they don’t seem similar.

We’ll be performing in a park which is always fun and challenging but sometimes theatre outside of a theatre is rather liberating. Especially for a show that takes place mostly in the woods. And the best part: pre-show picnics!

I didn’t really have a lot to say about this at this time, though I’ll keep you updated on notable challenges and discoveries that arise during the rehearsal process. Stay tuned!